Guardian Baffle Filters

Baffle Filters can be great at stopping flame traveling through a commercial kitchen range and causing fires in the duct work, however they are not so great at stopping grease ingress.

Over the years users have found that this factor has caused a particularly high rate of fan failure due to grease overload, and has added to duct work cleaning costs.

The Guardian filter from Jasun Envirocare Plc looks to address this issue by offering a hybrid of both baffle and mesh to deliver the best of both worlds.

The Jasun Guardian has been tested to DIN18869-5 and classified as A with a grease extraction rate of nearly 80% (compared to regular baffle filters which are closer to 40%)

These filters is compliant to the requirements specified in DW172.

DW172 compliance demands:
● Filter Remains Intact throughout the test
● No ignition of collected grease on the downstream side
● No Grease fallback to the cooking surface
● No flame exists downstream
● Grease Removal efficiency >50% (77.6%measured)

 Guardian Baffle Filters

The most common sizes for this filter are as below (nominal sizes height x width), however they can be made any size to suit the canopy.

10x20x2, 16x16x2, 16x20x2, 18x18x2, 20x20x2, 24x12x2, 24x24x2

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