What are Panel Filters and where should they be used?

Panel Filters are most often used as pre-filters to fine, EPA, HEPA or ULPA filters and their intended function is to extend the life of the more expensive higher grade filters. Typically panel filters are classified as Coarse to the standard ISO16890 and efficiencies range from between 60% and 90%. According to the now obsolete standard EN779:2012 these air filters were classified as G1-G4.

Glass fibre and synthetic fibre panel filters such as our Type90 Panel Filter and Type100 Panel Filter offer a high dust holding solution and are best used in applications where their lower efficiencies are not an issue.

Pleated panel filters such as this one shown offer an extended filtration surface and are the best option for higher air capacities or where the end user wishes to reduce Energy usage using Energy Rated Panel Filters

Our standard disposable panel filters are all made using a highly water resistant card which will not disintegrate in even the most humid conditions.

Many panel filters are supplied with metal frames and are suitable for applications where the moisture levels are high or where there is high sensitivity to fire precautions.

The PLM4 panel filters from Jasun are rated highest for both flammability and for smoke toxicity emissions in the case of a fire.  These panel filters are most commonly used in transport systems, such as trains, hospitals and public buildings.

Panel filters can be many sizes, however there are standard sizes which typically will cost less and be more readily available, so it is a good idea if you are designing a new system, or even refurbishing an old one to specify standard air filter sizes

High Capacity Panel Filter


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