Coarse Panel Filters

Panel Air filters are designed to provide air filtration within heating and ventilation systems. Generally, they are lower grade filters, classified coarse to ISO16890, these are filters classified G1, G2, G3, G4 and M5 to EN779.

EnergySaver Panel Air Filter

These filters are made using a wide range of filter medias presented to the airflow in several different case types.

Typically, most panel filters use a cardboard frame, but metal and plastic frames are also common.

The pleated panel filter range offered by Jasun are classified between efficiencies 60% to 95% ISO 16890 Coarse.

The card framed pleated filters are split into three main classes; V Line and V Line Green panel filters which are a lower priced air filter, standard M8 and Dustec VC panels which are an intermediate product, and the EnergySaver and VLX range of filters which offer longer life and lower energy consumption.

Card framed panel filters are also offered as flat disposable filters using glass fibre (Type 90) and synthetic fibre (Type 100). These filters whilst still used are less common due to the performance advantages offered by pleated panel filters.

Metal framed pleated panel filters are used generally where the end user customer requires a higher standard of fire rating to regular filters, or where the conditions are particularly challenging, for example high moisture content or very high airflows. Jasun offer several different products; PLM panels offer the highest rating for fire and have been tested to EN45545-2. VM and VM5 panels are graded 80% and 95% respectively

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