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Jasun Envirocare is a certified manufacturer, supplier, and online seller of guardian canopy air filters, which are a combination of both baffle technology and mesh impingement. They are widely used to provide optimum grease removal and flame protection. Our stainless steel canopy combination filters are classified Annex A to DIN-18869-F which strongly protect against disastrous duct system fires and effectively remove grease from the airstream before it enters the ductwork. Guardian canopy filters are vital for kitchen ventilation and extraction systems where management of grease load is constantly necessary. Order online guardian canopy filters and witness this highly efficient grease filter installed in commercial kitchen canopies to enjoy minimum fire risk and supreme grease confiscation from the air stream.

Stainless Steel Canopy Combination Filters: Ideal for Highly Efficient Impenetrable Grease Barrier

Due to its patented design, guardian canopy filters halt vapors in its flow and forces it to change its direction in order to remove grease particles. The air filter’s unique and easily adjustable structure allows variable air flow, but still maintains maximum exhaust system performance without compromising the filter’s function in any way. Stainless steel canopy combination filters need low maintenance and very easy to clean; if properly taken care of, the grease filter never needs to be replaced.

Since it serves as a combo of a mesh and baffle filter, our canopy filter has an increased capability of supplying enhanced safe, positive and dependable flame barrier protection in tough commercial kitchen applications. Its smooth seamless stainless steel surface is conveniently cleaned and provides ample permanent protection against rust and corrosion. A well managed grease filter will minimize grease load in the duct work, reduce the amount of times the ductwork needs to be cleaned, and lessen the chance of catastrophic fires in the duct work. Buy online guardian canopy filters from Jfilters to experience this low energy filter’s benefits for a clean kitchen environment.

Purchase Stainless Steel Canopy Combination Filters Online At Jfilters

When you order online a grease filter from Jfilters, customers will only get the best of the best, as each is designed with the latest cutting-edge technology that meets all standard requirements. Serving valued customers for over 40 years, Jasun Envirocare continues to supply high standard kitchen canopy grease filters that effectively defend commercial kitchens’ exhaust systems against harmful airborne grease while keeping air noise to a minimum due to its solid construction. Available in various sizes, the stainless steel canopy combination filter’s smooth polish finish enables convenient grease flow into the collection tray from the drain holes, and is equipped with handles for clean removal. Shopping at Jfilters will always leave satisfactory results, so place your order today for this industrious air filter and experience life-long grease prevention for your kitchen.