These stainless steel filters offer a combination of baffle and mesh and are designed to meet DW172 and are Classified Annex A to DIN-18869-5.

These filters can be retrofitted in any canopy which uses baffle filters.

Guardian canopy filters are combination filters utilising both baffle technology and mesh impingment to provide optimum grease removal and flame protection in a kitchen canopy.

Flame Resistance test Clasified A
Average Aerosol Efficiency 77.6%
DW172 Compliant
Filter Remains Intact throughout the test
No ignition of collected grease on the downstream side
No Grease fallback to the cooking surface
No flame exists downstream
Grease Removal efficiency >50% (77.6%measured)

Feature                                               Performance
Low Pressure Drop                          100% Rated Airflow Pressure Drop 80Pa
Low Profile Grab Handles                 50% Rated Airflow Pressure Drop 20Pa
High Grease Removal Efficiency      75% Rated Airflow Pressure Drop 45Pa
Drain Holes                                       125% Rated Airflow Pressure Drop 130Pa
                                                           160% Rated Airflow Pressure Drop 195Pa
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