Key applications for air filters

There are plenty of air filtration solutions for a wide range of industries. The key applications of air filters are the following one:

Comfort (General HVAC)

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. These are some concepts designed to improve our comfort of living. The indoor air temperature can be set to our preferences. When there is hot weather, the indoor temperature can be lowered through air conditioning. When there is cold weather, the complete opposite can be done, and the indoor temperature can be increased through heating. This is very often combined with ventilation, which involves bringing fresh outside air into the building. Outdoor air must be filtered to achieve the desired indoor air quality and to protect the people against particulate matter. This is very important, given that a poor indoor air quality is known to significantly affect the attitude, concentration, productivity, and health of people.


The need for good filtration and high-quality commercial air filters is becoming more and more obvious to most people around the world. People perform better with clean air and a healthy indoor climate. Research proves that high-efficiency commercial air filters reduce the problems that small particles can cause for sensitive people.

It goes without saying that the protection against particulate matter is a very important factor for commercial and office buildings. But it is not limited to these types of buildings.

Residential air cleaners designed for home usage (in bedrooms and living rooms for example) are becoming more common and accepted nowadays.


Air filtration is very important in healthcare facilities. The level of airborne infectious contaminants increases proportionately with the increased population density of infected individuals. Infections are a concern, especially in surgery rooms but not limited to hospitals only. Nursing homes and dental offices or clinics also need efficient filtration to prevent bacterial infections.

Other important fields of application for air filters, but basically of different construction than used in general ventilation, are industries such as automotive, paint booths, optical, microelectronics or power generation.

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