Energy Efficiency of Filters


On January 1, 2019, the latest update to Eurovent's energy efficiency scheme came into force. It replaces the scheme valid during a transition period between the old EN779: 2012 test standard and the ISO EN 16890: 2016 standard.

One year after the mandatory introduction of ISO EN 16890 on the efficiency of air filters, the definition of energy rating according to ISO efficiency classes has now also been added. It is based on the annual energy consumption (kWh / year) specific to each ISO efficiency classification.

An indication of the efficiency and energy consumption of a filter is the Eurovent Energy Efficiency Class. Depending on the average pressure drop and the filter class, filters are rated from A+ to E – a so far unique approach that sets global benchmarks in the air filtration area.

When placing filters into an airstream, the filters will cause a flow resistance. This resistance can be measured as a pressure drop between the inlet and outlet side of the filter. Pressure drop therefore defines the energy demand for the specific filter, because the fan that provides the airflow must supply the required pressure.

The described pressure drop is on its minimum when the filter is clean and used for the first time. As soon as dust is in the air and eliminated by the filter, this pressure drop increases. Hence, also the energy demand for the use of the filter increases. The more dust is in the filter, the higher the pressure drop, the higher the energy demand, and finally the higher the power consumption of the fan.

Beside a low initial pressure drop, an energy efficient filter has the property that its pressure increase, in case of dust in the filter, is low. That extends the efficient lifetime and reduces the operational costs. The dust loading capacity and the related increase of the pressure drop depends significantly on the filter area.

Finally, just add that only participants of the ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programme for Air Filters can use the Eurovent Energy Efficiency class. The list of certified manufacturers, their filters and the related technical information is publically available and can be found on the ‘Eurovent Certified Performance website


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