Standard construction baffle style grease filters with bright Stainless Steel frame.

Standard construction baffle style grease filters with bright Stainless Steel frame.
These filters are designed for use in commercial kitchens and ventilation from food preparation areas, where their primary function is to reduce flame from traveling from the cooking area up into the extract duct. They are manufactured by rolling Stainless Steel to create a series of baffle plates which are welded onto a sub frame. The sub frame is then wrapped with the outer frame.
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Baffle Filter Stainless Steel 10x20
Actual Size HxWxD (mm): 241x495x45
Capacity: 429m³/hr  Pressure Drop: 190Pa


Baffle Filter Stainless Steel 16x16
Actual Size HxWxD (mm): 394x394x45
Capacity: 559m³/hr  Pressure Drop: 190Pa


Baffle Filter Stainless Steel 16x20
Actual Size HxWxD (mm): 394x495x45
Capacity: 702m³/hr  Pressure Drop: 190Pa


Baffle Filter Stainless Steel 18x18
Actual Size HxWxD (mm): 445x445x45
Capacity: 713m³/hr  Pressure Drop: 190Pa


Baffle Filter Stainless Steel 20x20
Actual Size HxWxD (mm): 495x495x45
Capacity: 882m³/hr  Pressure Drop: 190Pa


Baffle Filter Stainless Steel 24x12
Actual Size HxWxD (mm): 592x287x45
Capacity: 628m³/hr  Pressure Drop: 190Pa


Baffle Filter Stainless Steel 24x24
Actual Size HxWxD (mm): 592x592x45
Capacity: 1283m³/hr  Pressure Drop: 190Pa

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