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Jasun Envirocare Plc is a certified manufacturer, supplier, and online seller of MiniPleat ULPA air filters classified U15 to EN1822 and Ultima TM Terminal Units complete with spigots as standard. ULPA, an acronym for ‘Ultra Low Penetration Air’ is an air filter that can remove from the air at least 99.999% of dust, mold, bacteria, pollen and various other airborne particles which are the size of 100 nanometers (0.1 μm) or larger. This air filter traps an expansive majority of very small particle contaminants from the air stream. An ULPA filter is used in applications that require efficient filtering of airborne viruses which are dangerous to the environment. ULPA air filter is useful in manufacturing places which require very pure air, such as cabin air purifiers, electronics or pharmaceutical manufacturing, biomedical air filtration and more. ULPA filters available at Jfilters are designed to cater to all the necessary requirements pertaining to our clients’ desires. Order online now to experience clean air like never before. Here’s a brief overview on what MiniPleat ULPA air filters and Ultima TM Terminal Units complete with spigots as standard are and how beneficial they can be.

MiniPleat ULPA Air Filters: Ideal for Low Pressure Drop & Low Power Consumption

Available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, MiniPleat ULPA air filters are classified U15 to EN1822. In others words, this specific air filter is best suited for aerosols & micro particles deduction according to filter standardization. MiniPleat ULPA air filters are designed to accommodate older and newer installation situations and is available in three different frames: metal, wood, and steel with GEL seal. For clean rooms & precision assembly areas especially, the ULPA filter consists of highly efficient polyurethane minipleats filter media which allows optimal efficiency coupled with minimal resistance during air flow. The ULPA filter is very popular in air filtration and purification systems due to its durability, ability to function more effectively under increased filter loads, and capability to control airborne pollutants and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Buy online from Jasun Envirocare not only a large collection of air filter in various forms but terminal units complete with spigots as standard.

Ultima TM Terminal Units: Controlling Temperature of Single Room

Ultima TM Terminal Units are small components that have a heating coil, automatic damper, cooling coil or a combination of all three. It is a set of components that perform a specific HVAC function within a building. Terminal Units are available in different dimension and weight and complete with spigots as standard, which allow it to control the variable supply of air volume flows at different degrees. Order online from Jasun Envirocare now and enjoy these products at the best possible price with speedy delivery service.