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Buy Online Slimline Air Filters from Jasun Envirocare Plc- UK’s Top Filtration Products Manufacturer

Fan coil filters manufactured at Jfilters are highly efficient in preventing dirt from gathering up on heating and cooling coils in ventilation systems.  A slimline fancoil filter makes use of a low resistance non-woven polyester filter media which helps remove dust particles. These special filters are widely utilized in air conditioning units, warm air furnaces, fan coil systems, counters, refrigeration and electronic equipment cabinets. Apart from the applications mentioned above they are also used to protect heat exchanger coils from filth and carpet fluff. Moreover, slimline fancoil filters can also be applied as a pre filter to defend higher grade filters.

The product is produced by sewing the synthetic media onto a pre-formed copper coated wire frame that has cross braces attached as required. It is light, compact and extremely simple to use. The filter can be vacuumed clean or washed if necessary, however, due to its low replacement cost, the slimline fancoil filter is normally considered to be disposable.

The reason why you should buy online slimline air filters from Jfilters.com is that the filtration products displayed here are economical, light weight, tough and offer a low pressure drop. We offer a huge range of slimline air filters both standard and non-standard in all sizes to fit any air handling unit that you might have installed. In our filters we use a durable synthetic media that is supported by a wired frame to suit your size and requirements. Here at Jasun Envirocare Plc, fan coil filters are available in all filter classes required by most of the air handling units.

Jfilters.com is the Best Online Shop to Purchase All Kinds of Fan Coil Air Filters in the UK & France

The fan coil air filters manufactured by Jasun Envirocare Plc are adaptable, easy to use, quiet and powerful.  The quality of our air filtration products is unmatched as they are built according to engineering standards using modern and dependable constituents available. Combined with the latest design and industrialized technology, jfilters.com provides the ideal solution to attain precise thermal and noise criteria.

Premeditated to offer supreme flexibility, our range offers one of the most versatile and handy products available in today’s market.  Here on our online air filter shopping store you find all sizes of slimline fan coil air filters, synthetic fan coil filters and washable fan coil filters to protect your fan coil unit and controls from fur, fuzz, dust particles and other visible dirt matter.

We have the expertise to produce a variety of fan coil ranges comprising of various sizes and styles of units to suite different applications and the type of project. We have catered hundreds of commercial buildings, offices, hotels, airports and hospitals using the best filtration practices. Our 40+ years of excellence in the field of air filtration has made us achieve thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.

So to relish peace of mind regarding your filtration needs, order online slimline air filters from Jfilters.com today.