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Jasun Envirocare Plc is a certified manufacturer, supplier and online seller of NeatPleat RPS compact minipleat filters with Polypropylene synthetic media. At our online shop, select between a vast range of NeatPleat RPS5 compact minipleat filters and NeatPleat RPS6 compact minipleat filters. Each RPS compact pleated panel filter is designed as a fitting solution for a standard bag filter in tightly fitted applications in terms of size and space. Jasun Envirocare’s online shop has long been known as providing customers with only the best high quality and authenticated air filter available. The pleated filter, comprised of synthetic media of enhanced Polypropylene, is firmly encased into a plastic frame and ensures highest amount of airflow. The panel filter serves as a positive HEVAC filter as it provides ample air filtration and ventilation and circulation in all forms of air conditioning and ventilation units. NeatPleat RP compact minipleat filters are offered for M5 and M6 filter standardized applications. A brief outline on each air filter is featured below.   

NeatPleat RPS5 Compact Minipleat Filters-M5 Graded

A M5 air filter is commonly used in applications where another filter needs extra protection for extended filter service life. This HEVAC filter is often used in hospitals, food and beverage industries and pharmaceuticals for a supported filter defense. Encased into a plastic frame, the panel filter is composed of Polypropylene synthetic media, which in turn is moisture-resistant and environmental-friendly. Fully incinerable and a successful disposable filter, the panel filter’s filter media is equally distributed and pleated which allows optimum airflow permeation to occur. The air filter offers a high dust holding capacity, alongside a low pressure drop, making it a favorable choice in areas that have vast filtration space for airflow. Greatly improving indoor air quality, NeatPleat RPS5 compact minipleat filters are easily accommodating and present no great difficulty in installation, due to their ability to be customized according to necessary size specifications.

NeatPleat RPS6 Compact Minipleat Filters-Rated M6

This particular version of NeatPleat RP compact minipleat filters best function in ventilation systems where fine separation of dust and air particles is required. For high performance effectiveness, this air filter is suitable for air handling systems usually seen in shopping centers, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food industries, and electronics manufacturing.  Also known as an AHU filter, the Polypropylene synthetic media used in the air filter is highly efficient and produces optimal airflow throughout the essential areas. With its high surface comes high air volume, which also provides low energy difference. The low energy filter then generates low operating cost, with the added guarantee of longer life service. NeatPleat RPS6 compact minipleat filters classified M6 are greatly preferred in HVAC applications where higher graded pre-filtration is required.