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Jasun Envirocare Plc is a certified manufacturer, supplier, and online seller of UltimaPleat RP compact minipleat filters consisting of microfine glass fibre media. Each panel filter operates fully as an HEVAC filter, generating absolute air purification and filtration in heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications. The air filter is available from M6-M9 classified range, each tightly secured within a plastic case and header frame. A brief description for each specific panel filter is provided for customers to view and decide which UltimaPleat RP compact pleated filter suits their specific requirements.

UltimaPleat RP6 Compact Minipleat Filters-Rated M6

The M6 compact air filter is also known as rigid bag filter due to its ability to provide suitable filtration of a large air volume within a confined space. Its filter media is composed of microfine glass fibre media that is uniformly pleated and firmly sealed into a plastic case, making it a disposable filter. UltimaPleat RP6 compact minipleat filters are moisture-resistant, high energy efficient and very durable as they have been known to last longer than a normal air filter. It also has high dust holding capacity and works well with a low pressure drop.

UltimaPleat RP7 Compact Minipleat Filters- Graded F7

The F7 pleated filter is an effective solution for removing fine dust particles from the air. The microfine glass fibre media is proportioned equally and consistently before being inserted into a plastic frame. This air filter can also be used as a pre-filter for a previously installed HEVAC filter. This environmentally-friendly disposable filter is easily installed and enables high airflow rate with reduced energy consumption; the panel filter is suitable in food production and pharmaceutical industries, along with hospitals, and commercial centers.  

UltimaPleat RP8 Compact Minipleat Filters-Classified F8

Made of synthetic media comprised of microfine glass fibre media, UltimaPleat RP8 compact minipleat filters general similar results in aspects of efficiency and effectiveness as an F7 panel filter, save for a slight upgrade. Light weight and easily adjustable along with a high efficiency rate, the F8 air filter’s filter media is moisture-resistant and reusable, providing stable performance alongside low resistance and large dust holding dimensions. F8 pleated filter is applicable in all forms of compressed air filters for vacuum cleaners, air conditioning units and purifiers.

UltimaPleat RP9 Compact Minipleat Filters-Maximum F9

The F9 disposable filter gives the highest dust holding capacity and is very economical with its ability to work in low pressure drop. Requiring minimal changes and low cost service, UltimaPleat RP9 compact minipleat filters are high performance panel filters used in air supply systems that have limited space. F9 air filter serves as a HEVAC filter and offers greater performance over a standard panel filter. The ultrafine glass filter media promises long service life and consistent efficiency ratings.