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Jasun Envirocare Plc is an online seller and distributer of paper pleated filters, reticulated washable foam media, glass fibre filter media rolls and synthetic filter media rolls for all environments. Some of the bulk supply filter media that customers can order online at Jfilters.com are stated below.


Filter paper is a semi-permeable paper barrier, placed perpendicular to a liquid or air flow, and is mostly used to separate fine substances from liquid or air. It comes in various forms of permeability and grades depending on the application it is intended for. The important factors of these filters are particle retention, flow rate, compatibility, absorbency, wet strength, capacity and effectiveness. Pleated paper filters are highly effective, easy to handle, and quite cost-efficient. At Jasun Envirocare we provide Andreae Filters, the original develop and manufacturer of the paper pleated filter for spray booth exhaust filtration. Uniquely designed, Andreae filters maintain unique air flow around the sprayed areas and can sustain more paint particles than other existing exhaust filter media. The pleated filter is crafted together through various methods and can easily catch paint overspray in prevailing paint booths. Used globally in the liquid finishing industry, Andreae Filters are easily installed, more durable than fiberglass, polyster or styrofoam applicants and provide a healthy clean environment.

Reticulated washable foam media

Reticulated washable foam media is a form of filter media that is highly porous and three dimensional low density polyester filter foam. Linear boundaries where the bubbles connect remain, giving it a very open structure feel. Reticulated foam media is water resistant and very durable and is created in blocks measuring 2 x 1.2 meters, which are then sliced into sheets by a machine into various sizes, depths, and PPI (pores per inch). This form of filter media is available in two primary types, polyether and polyester in a multitude of densities and colors too. They are commonly used in microphones, face masks, sound absorbers, wind screens, small engine air cleaners, air conditioners filters and other various means.

Synthetic fibre filter media rolls

Synthetic fibre filter media rolls are produced from multi-directional fibers aimed to provide a high dust holding storage. Synthetic media in this form does not release fibers into the air during the procedure making it a more suitable option than glass fiber media in food and pharmaceutical businesses. It is commonly applicable in spray booths, pleated media support, chemical processing, panel filters, cartridges, and pre-filter applications. These inexpensive synthetic fiber filter media rolls are available in various sizes and colors and are flame retardant, easily disposed of, and water resistant too.

Glass fiber filter media rolls

Glass fiber filter media rolls are created when long strands of glass are bonded together to form a graded density filter and then laminated to increase dust hold capability and effectiveness. Available in different colors and depth, this example of filter media can be either oiled glass fiber media rolls or paint arrestor glass fiber, which are commonly used in spray booths, panel filters and air conditioning systems.

Jfilters is an online shop for bulk-supply filters such as synthetic media, filter media, and paper pleated filter in all forms. We possess an extensive supply that is uniquely designed to accommodate most applications for their desired requirements in all necessary environments. Order online now to get only the very best quality items present in the market. For more information or any queries regarding the stated items, please don’t hesitate to contact our Head Office at 01278 452277. If there are any concerns with our online shop, contact us at sales@jfilters.com. One of our friendly staff members will be sure to get back to you at the earliest convenience and provide any assistance or enquiries you may have.