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Buy online Molecular carbon filters in the UK and france

Molecular activated carbon gas phase filters are filters used to help protect against odors that appear in companies’ HVAC system. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is the technology used to improve indoor air quality and thermal environmental comfort. These molecular carbon filters have the ability to absorb any form of odious and dangerous vapor, in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all present. It is important because it expunges noxious gaseous smell and fumes from the atmosphere and purifies the circulating air. Molecular carbon filters are also completely safe and easy to use, while also being readily available and affordable.

The molecular carbon filter can be divided into categories according to a location’s specific needs and requirements. A combination filter is commonly used in the city for family purposes, as it is a high-performance particle filter that targets effectively against a broad spectrum of vast chemicals in the air. A compact molecular filter is a high-performance carbon filter that targets low level odor control where an already sufficient amount of pre-filtration occurs.

Clean breathing air and a pure and healthy environment are the necessities of life. They ensure the well- being of all humans. At Jfilters.com, we have the skill and expertise to develop an extensive range of molecular carbon filters and all its subcomponents in order to ensure a safer and cleaner environment. With more than four decades of industry experience, we have the ability to produce only the very best carbon filters that purify the contaminations from all gases visible in the air. Through meticulous selection of only the very best materials we guarantee successful results.

If you have any problems regarding the carbon filter, then please contact our highly professional and knowledgeable customer sales and service department. Call us at 01278 452277 or send an e-mail at sales@jfilters.com. We are here to assist you with any problems you may be facing. Whether it’s regarding whether the filter you require is heavy or light, or which optimal size is best suited to your living condition, or simply trying to understand how to install a molecular carbon filter, we exist to serve your needs. We will gladly offer our services without any charge.

If you wish to place an online order for molecular carbon filter, for more details please contact us. And if you’re interested to see what else Jasun Envirocare Plc has to offer, feel free to visit our website.


Light duty carbon filters are filters specifically created to use in applications where light to medium odor decrease is necessary. An example of such a filter that provides this facility is the acticarb/enviropleat bag/panel filter, a synthetic disposable highly carbon-active polyester bag filter that can be used in any existing bag filter application in order to reduce some odor and fume adsorption, such as in busy road areas and car parks. There is the carboflow filter designed with micro fine glass fiber that is commonly used in modern city environments and can be fitted into existing bag filters, and the compact rigid carbon bag filter, that supplies effective gas phase filtration against airborne contaminants



Disposable activated carbon filters are smaller multipanel carbon cells that can be loose filled or bonded. As they have been manufacture for easy installation into ducted air systems, they can easily function with a single operative handling and do not generally require heavy lifting to move. The panels have been designed into a rigid carbon biscuit that prevents any powder or granule leakage. This technique used by Jasun Filtration ensures that panels with remain firm and stiff even if they were to get wet. These disposable carbon filters are commonly used in kitchens, healthcare, commercial buildings, educational facilities and data centers, especially if located near sewage systems or car parks. They are designed to remove hazardous and foul stenches that linger in the air for too long, as well as purify incoming air.


Activated carbon granules is activated carbon commonly used to absorb natural organic compounds and synthetic chemicals in drinking water treatment applications. Activated carbon granules are highly porous substances making them ideal for removing impurities from water, liquids, gases, and air. Also with its ability to be reactivated through thermal oxidation and its absorbent effectiveness it can be re-used multiple times in the same application.

The most common forms of activated carbon are powder and pellets. The pellet form, however, is favored more due to its better mechanical stability and as such is commonly used in various filters. Activated carbon pellets are compressed high active uniform cylindrical pellets that can be used to control odor as well as remove toxins such as volatile organic compounds and mercury from natural gas, specifically where there is a low-pressure drop. They are created to pertain to specific product types so their size and shape may differ with each process conditions. Pellets are designed according to manufacturing requirements and the absorptive capacity of carbon pellets make them essential for eliminate harmful pollutants from the atmosphere.

Some of the many benefits of granule carbon include providing safe healthy drinking water; efficient discharge of industrial waste; removing contaminants from the air supply; purification and filtration in personal protection usage, such as respirators, gas mask filters; removing harmful chemicals in food; and purifying many items in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jfilters ensures a wide-ranging collection of high quality carbon air filters designed to accommodate most applications for ideal ventilation in residential and working locations.  For more information or any queries regarding the stated items, please don’t hesitate to contact our well-informed and experienced sales team at sales@jfilters.com. One of our friendly staff members will be sure to get back to you at the earliest convenience.