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For years, Jasun Envirocare is a certified manufacturer, supplier and online seller of mesh style grease air filters available in either 20mm or 45 stainless steel frame and stainless steel mesh or 20mm or 45mm thick aluminum frame and galvanized steel mesh. Mesh style grease air filters are commonly used in domestic & commercial kitchen extract systems, cooker hoods, or pre filtration within existing air conditioning systems as they effectively remove grease and course dust particles from air supply. This effective air filter is best for all types of grease extraction & is easily available in specific sizes pertaining to requirement from Jfilters, the world’s trusted & reliable filter provider for years. We sell filters made from the latest technology and have them for sale at highly competitive inexpensive prices for customers. A detailed outline related to the description for specific grease filter available in our online shopping air filter store is further explained below.

Purchase Best Quality Mesh Style Grease Filters Aluminum Frame with Galvanized Steel Mesh

Mesh style grease air filters that come in either 20mm or 45mm thick aluminum frame are an economic and convenient method to maintain kitchen cleanliness and reduce grease deposits. Non-flammable, fully washable with mild detergent, and easily installed, this particular air filters multi-layered galvanized steel filter media allows a wider range of effective air filtration of hazardous grease particles. The knitted wire galvanized steel mesh, which is fitted on both sides of the grease filter, allows low pressure loss with high grease removal, further enabling the mesh filter to reduce chances of fire hazard. Typically less expensive than baffle filter, mesh style grease air filters require low maintenance and are extremely durable in the long run.

Top-Notch Mesh Style Grease Filters Stainless Steel Frame and Stainless Steel Mesh For Sale

Mesh style grease air filters available in two separate sized-frames, 20mm or 45mm thick stainless steel frame are equipped with drain holes and optional handles to provide better handling. Its stainless steel mesh filter media is best suited for applications that require high strength with a chemical resistant filter screen. Furthermore, the stainless steel mesh canopy filter successfully eliminates or reduces grease collection in duct work or in fans present in a kitchen extract system due to its ability to withstand various temperatures. This air filter greatly lessens the need of expensive duct maintenance and provides sufficient protection against grease-fire danger.

Buy Finest Graded Mesh Style Grease Filters Stainless Steel Frame of Galvanized Steel Mesh

Mesh style grease air filters stainless steel frame also come in galvanized steel mesh, which is an equally effective filter media. Due to its rugged structure and resistance against corrosion, this air filter is favorable in commercial applications such as air handling units, grease hoods, and industrial machinery that require heavy duty usage. Its galvanized steel mesh makes it the perfect grease filter to provide deeper dirt and grease filtration. Easily maintained and completely renewed when cleaned, this canopy filter is an ideal choice for premium kitchen grease removal and air purification.