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Jasun Envirocare Plc is a certified manufacturer, supplier, dealer and online seller of one specific form of air filter: Jenergie synthetic bag filters. Each bag filter is available as Jenergie35, Jenergie55, and Jenergie70 synthetic bag filters. Order Jenergie synthetic bag air filters from Jasun Envirocare which are made of supreme quality and can execute efficiency in any given situation. The air filter featured in our online shop Jenergie synthetic bag air filters vary in size, media, and performance dependency, but still effectively remove dust, bacteria, and other nefarious forms of degradation. Each bag filter, or pocket filter is made using the newest technology and applicable for a multitude of air and dust filtration applications. Customers rely on us to deliver their products within 5-7 days, depending on the ordered item, and can trust that each air filter supplied is the best solution for best performance at an economic price. Call our Head Office and Sales at 01278 452277 for more information or queries or contact us via e-mail at sales@jfilters.com. Any one of our staff members will be present to answer any concerns or comments you wish to express about the types o bag filter we provide.

Jenergie35 Synthetic Bag Filters Specifications

Jenergie35 synthetic bag filters are customized in various sizes and synthetic media that provide a completely welded airtight seal. The air filter has a strong and sturdy structure as it is equipped with a heavy metallic frame, designed to be fitted into any number of application. The air pockets in this specific bag filter inflate and then separate to provide maximum and evenly circulated air flow within the entire filter structure. Optimum efficiency and increased dust holding capacity are a given with this form of air filter.

Jenergie55 Synthetic Bag Filters Focus on Saving Energy

Jenergie55 synthetic bag filters are a perfect solution to those in search of a low energy filter for pre-filtration requirement and steady circulation of clean air.  This bag filter is environmental safe and is easy to carry and insert into any given application present in industries of food, medicine, as well as hotels and shopping centers. Available with either a plastic, cardboard, or metallic frame, this air filter is moisture resistant, biodegradable and easily incinerated. Along with its low pressure drop, the air filter effectively removes dust particles and odors into its self-reliant side pockets and bags.

Jenergie70 Synthetic Bag Filters Optimal Performance

Jenergie70 synthetic bag filters have an extended surface developed to uphold difficult applications present in commercial and industrial areas. The bag filter’s pockets made of synthetic or fiberglass can be adjusted to fit into existing applications. It can challenge high humidity and remove intense prevalent dust particles in order to guarantee the safety of HVAC equipment and those present in its surroundings. Also provided in different frame media, the air filter at Jasun Envirocare gives maximum efficiency with minimal resistance.