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High Quality and Efficiency Jayflow Glass Bag Air Filters in UK & France

Jasun Envirocare is a certified manufacturer, supplier, dealer, and online seller of Jayflow Bag Air Filters available in a diverse media range of efficiency from classified M5, M6, F7, F8, F9 to EN779: 2012.

Glass Bag Filters Various Efficiencies

The efficiency of a glass bag filter media differs from coarse filters, which are very low, and fine filters, which are very high. Available in various lengths and depths, this specific air filter, the Jayflow glass bag filter, is a high efficiency filter composed of glass or polymer fibers of differed thickness and layer quantity, depending on the necessary filter performance. The stitches are designed in a manner that allows the conical pockets to open just enough to give maximum even air flow and still maintain a high dust holding capacity. The pockets are held in place by reinforced wire frame, which in turn is enveloped by a steel galvanized header frame providing easy installation. Some selective bag filters that can be ordered online from Jasun Envirocare’s online shop of Jayflow Glass Bag Filters are listed below. Our specialized and inexpensive collection of glass bag filters each execute the same results based on efficiency requirement and are offered in various color specification. 

Jayflow M5 Glass Bag Filters

The M5 glass bag filter is a multi-pocketed general purpose air filter commonly applicable in medium to high efficiency aerosols filtration predominant in air conditioning and ventilating plants. Favored over a disposable panel filter, the M5 glass bag filter is tightly fitted into a galvanized steel frame and is environment-safe due to its resilient synthetic fibers; it acts as a pre-filter to existing filters class of F8 and F9. It strongly removes dust and soot of great capacity present in air conditioning such as in workshops, garages and storages, and other HEPA (high efficiency particular arrestance).

Jayflow M6 Glass Bag Filters

This specific air filter generally gives the same result of clear air circulation but the Jayflow M6 glass bag filter is offered in the color maroon at Jasun Envirocare. The M6 bag filter is prevalent in office blocks, manufacturing facilities, shopping districts and more. Moisture-resistant, it also reduces energy consumption and operating costs with a guaranteed successful performance in the harshest environments such as production and selling vicinities. 

Jayflow F7 & Jayflow F8 Glass Bag Filters

These two particular air filters offer almost entirely the same effectiveness. The F7 and F8 air filter ensure high rigidity, great dust holding capability, pressure load and durability due to each of their progressive and endless microfiber pockets. The F7 or F8 glass bag filter prevents dust from entering the lung, so each is highly suitable for fine circulating filtration in air conditioning applications and plants, generally present in offices, pharmaceuticals, fine machinery and food industry and hospitals.

Jayflow F9 Glass Bag Filters

The Jayflow F9 glass bag filter is the highest form of fine filter efficiency. This multi-pocket air filter provides heavy resistance against tobacco, oil, and metal oxide smoke. Very successful in offices and workshops in telecommunication centers, laboratories, pharmacies, outside hospital air equipment and more.