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Jasun Envirocare is a certified manufacturer, supplier, and online seller of high volume & turbulent flow HEPA air filters, MiniPleat HEPA air filters, Ultima Deep Pleat filters, and Ultima TM Terminal Units. Explore our comprehensive web catalog to receive the very best choice for supreme air filtration & purification. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filter is a type of mechanical air filter that functions by forcing air through a fine web to trap harmful particles present in the environment. Each authentic air filter featured in our online store is classified H13-H14 & properly tested to handle any necessary situation delivering immediate & effective results. Browse our website to find out which air filter best suits your requirements. If you have any further queries or concerns on how to order online HEPA air filters, call at Tel. 01278 452277 or via e-mail at sales@jfilters.com. A brief overview for each air filter is outlined below.Web Development Comapny in Dubai

High volume & turbulent flow HEPA filters are air filters available in a wide range of sizes plus in three different frame choices:  steel, wood, & metal. This air filter is designed for air intake of critical applications where high efficiency filtration is required. It has a high dust holding capacity leading to top performance ratio coupled with low initial pressure drop. Due to their micro glass fiber media, HVH filters supply ample air filtration in clean room applications & equipments. 

MiniPleat HEPA filters & Ultima Deep Pleat Filters are popular in clinics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical research labs, and industries involving electronic, nuclear, optical & food processing. Each air filter is unique in its minipleat placement, but ultimately provides similar results.

MiniPleat HEPA Filters are used in situations that need high levels of purity. This compact plus light-weight air filter is primarily designed as an intake filter for low turbulence displacement flow to provide a surrounding free from noxious fumes, toxins, particles & fumes. This laminar flow air minipleat filter provides convenience, productivity, and comfort to all present while also maintaining a hygienic environment. The air filter is available in a variety of sizes and three different frames: wood, metal and aluminum with standard seal and GEL seal to ensure no possible leakage.SEO Agency Dubai

Ultima Deep Pleat Filters are the best choice for pure air; it has aluminum separators-style construction which provides high capacity air circulation in high velocity clean air requirements. This air filter is available in various depths accompanied by either metal or wooden board frames. Its ultra-fine micro glass fiber media & deep pleat design ensures longevity & optimum performance in the most heavy-duty operating conditions.Web Design Dubai

Ultima TM Terminal Units complete with spigots as standard configuration function best in various air volume densities. At Jfilters, the terminal unit is a single duct air control product that generates easy HVAC system integration and is suitable for any application due to its compact design. Easily integrated, Ultima TM Terminal Units are efficient and reliable; they provide very low pressure drop & regulate constant air flow for optimum occupant comfort.