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Jasun Envirocare Plc is certified manufacturer, supplier and online seller of compact minipleat panel filters known as H-Ultimapleat; this air filter is divided according to type of case and header frame. Jfilters has a broad selection of this compact minipleat panel filter available as either metal cased UPH with metal header frame or plastic cased UCPH with plastic header frame. Their effectiveness is regarded highly as the best source of air purification and filtration. In order to know more about the usages these H-ultlimapleat panel filters provide, a brief explanation is featured below.

Metal Cased UPH Compact Minipleat Panel Filters: M6-M9 Graded

These H-Ultimapleat panel filters are ideal for situations where high dust holding capacity and effective AHU filtration is necessary all within a confined space. This particular air filter is structured from 100% micro fine glass fiber media and generates consistent airflow with positive particle capture throughout the limited area.  Durable and reliable, the firm and rigid panel filter promises a longer life service with low resistance and low initial pressure drop. Metal cased UPH compact minipleat panel filters come with metal header frame are a popular choice for hospitals, industries, residential and commercial buildings, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Each moisture-resistant air filter is self-supported with a tightly secured seal of synthetic media that protects against bacteria, fungi, mold, etc.; it is also available in varied depths and sizes pertaining to required filtration application. The metal header frame may enable the panel filter to be easily installed with its mechanical features, but it has the disadvantage of not being a disposable filter or incinerable once its service is completed. Plastic cased UPCH compact minipleat panel filters are the best source for these characteristics.

Plastic Cased UPCH Compact Minipleat Panel Filters: M6-M9 Rated

This panel filter enables an effective method for separating dust particles in air handling units (AHU) plus heat, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) appliances. The high efficiency compact minipleat panel filter is composed of moisture-resistant and perfectly V-designed micro glass fiber media within a large filtration space, enclosed into a firmly sealed plastic header frame. The air filter can serve as a pre-filter in ventilation and air conditioning units of all forms. Its excellent dust holding capacity and geometric consistency provides the best performance at low cost with long service life. Due to its plastic header frame, the easily installed light-weight panel filter is incinerable and disposable without releasing harmful toxins.

Overall, H-Ultimapleat compact minipleat panel filters are excellent for moderating airflow in HVAC installations where the maximum degree of air purification is vital. With its compact design, low resistance, high dust holding capability, low pressure drop, and extended surface, this variation of an air filter is a major preference over common bag filter and panel filter of similar standards.