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Jasun Envirocare Plc is an online filter seller available in various media for different criteria. At Jfilters, we are manufacturers of filters, ranging from air filter, pleated filter, carbon filter etc, that are each uniquely designed to facilitate any sort of applications for specific requirements in existing environments. Jasun Envirocare is a certified manufacturer, supplier, and online seller of oiled glass fiber media rolls and paint arrestor glass fiber, a dry media normally used in panel filters, air conditioning systems and spray booths. Available in different colors, depths, and sizes, this form of filter media serves effectively as an air filter for these applications.

Purchase Oiled Glass Fiber Media Rolls in Air Filter for Micron Particles Arrest

Oiled glass fiber media rolls is an example of glass bulk filter media which is created when long strands of glass bond together to create a type of graded density filter, which is then laminated over to increase dust holding effectiveness and competency. Composed of 100% micro-fine glass fibers, this particular air filter is best used where high flow rate and sub-micron filtration is required. Additionally, this also serves as an air filter in paint applications where small, dry paint particles are captured and prevented from entering the atmosphere.

These air filter oiled glass fiber media rolls are made with exclusive technology that makes the media itself gentle, soft and safe. It can be used in ventilation and climate control special applications, such as in room-air treatment systems, filter systems for motor combustion air, and air-intake filter systems for compressors, fans, and motors.

Popular Top Quality Paint Arrestor Glass Fiber On Sale Worldwide

As a leading manufacturer of filters, Jfilters also distributes the highly advantageous paint arrestor glass fiber, which is high-lofted fibers that trap large amounts of wet, heavy paint particles and dry contaminants before they have a chance to transport up the stack and into the fans, which in turn greatly diminishes fan maintenance plus both paint arrestor and operating costs. Apart from serving as an air filter by removing dry paint particles from the air stream, the paint arrestor glass fiber caters to all types of paint booths and is available in customizable sizes, thus making them easy to install and conveniently halt paint pollution.

Jasun Envirocare is a leading online filter seller that sells worldwide. With our use of the latest technology and state-of-the art air filter contribution, we know what’s the perfect solution for our online customers to experience the most beneficial air filtration possible. View our glass bulk catalog to order now which is the right glass fiber media for you.