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Jason Envirocare is a certified professional manufacturer, supplier and online seller of fine grade ultimapleat panel filters available in frames of card, metal, and plastic. Renowned for their reliability and innovative supply of filters in any form, Jasun Envirocare continues to successfully provide to customers in the UK and France. Our economical panel filters are highly essential for general ventilation requirements. Our company is dedicated in providing panel filters of only the highest caliber and long lasting durability and efficiency. Our online shop panel filters consists of panel filters in various sizes each easily accommodated for any applications’ requirements and specifications within a reasonable price standard. Order online panel filters from jfilters.com and experience quality panel filters’ performance. 


Fine grade panel filters are best suited for filtration where the standard grade is not sufficient. They are generally used as a pre filter in air input & air conditioning applications. Jasun Envirocare supplies frames for these panel filters in three different media.

Card Frame Fine Grade Ultimapleat Panel Filters

Card frame fine grade ultimapleat panel filters simply put are panel filters that are designed with a cardboard moisture resistant Aquakote frame. With its water repellant ability, these disposable panel filters have a large surface capability and function in almost all applications. With its outstanding filter life, the card frame fine grade ultimapleat panel filter has a fused cotton/polyester filter medium that delivers positive filtration properties in high humidity environments and a promise of successful filter life.

Metal Frame Fine Grade Ultimapleat Panel Filters

Metal frame fine grade ultimapleat panel filters are designed with unstitched cotton/polyester fabric enclosed with a metal frame. These panel filters are favored over most for their friendly cleaning ability and their durability. Favorable in applications where a sturdy filter is required, these panel filters ensure maximum dust holding capability and moisture-resistance effectiveness.  Metal-framed panel filters save energy and give the finest air quality indoors for food-related markets, industries, and HVAC.

Plastic Frame Fine Grade Ultimapleat Panel Filters

Plastic frame fine grade ultimapleat panel filters are highly efficient panel filters but with low air resistance due to their right-angled instead of curved pleats. The panel filters are constructed with synthetic polypropylene or water resistant micro fiber glass filter fabric, which gives a large filter surface that successfully delivers a long life with low energy cost. They are customarily used as second or last stage of filtration for removing fine dust in telecommunications central offices, the food industry, hospitals, and more.

Any further information can be given by called our sales team at sales@jfilters.com or you can call us at our Head Office and Sales at 01278 452277. Any of our round-the-clock staff members will contact you at the earliest convenience.