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Find a Complete Range of Absolute Rating Compact EPA air filters & HEPA Grade Filters Online in the UK & France

An absolute air Filter is the most common rating of filters which ensures the extent of the largest constituent parts that can penetrate through the screen or the filter. The pore size of the given filter states the aperture dimension at which any element with a particular size can be retained with 100 % competence under unambiguous trial circumstances defined strictly. Our products are quantified on the basis of our highly strict detection techniques, challenged pressure, organism tests and concentration methods used for classifying the contaminants. The filters manufactured at Jasun Envirocare PLC have the capability of cutting off 100% by weight of solid particles bigger than a specified micron size.

Jfilters.com has a long history of producing industry-leading compact EPA Air Filters and compact HEPA Grade Filter solutions. Our expertise has provided us with a unique proficiency to ensure ultra-clean environments for the users.  Our compact absolute air filter designs have been installed in a number of reputed industries where ultimate air hygiene is required. Whatever your air filtration needs may be, Jilfters.com has an online absolute air filter solution for you. Each and every filter produced at our online air filters shopping store offers first-rate quality and top performance.

Our compact HEPA Grade and EPA Air Filters are tested and certified by all international authoritative bodies. Our products offer the most competitive price along with the abilities to handle a high air flow for longer periods of time and a low pressure drop to ensure efficient energy use. Our air filtration products are undoubtedly the ultimate solution for every customer’s application. To deliver fresh and ultra-clean air for the protection of people, products and processes, our production comprises of the top rated air filters that are specifically designed for critical applications where high efficiency filtration and protection is necessary to sub-micron level.web design dubai

We here at Jasun Envirocare PLC understand that different processes require different echelons of air cleaning, so a vital part of our business concept is to help the client in terms of scrutinizing and stipulating their needs. We know that even a minor particle or gas molecule can result in an extremely serious consequence during sensitive processes.

So browse our web catalog now to choose from a diverse range of filter solutions to satisfy your air hygiene needs.

Buy Online EPA, ULPA & HEPA air filters in All Parts of Europe Exclusively at Jfilters.com

Indoor air pollutants and harmful materials are amongst the top reasons for environmental health risks. Usually the best way possible to address these threats is to control or eradicate the sources of pollutants causing the menace.  The matter that causes harm to the environment comprises of dust, pollen, smoke, animal dander, particles generated from combustion appliances, tobacco smoke and tiny organisms such as dust mites, bacteria, viruses and molds. Our air cleaning devices and filters are designed to cater the needs of central heating, ventilating and air-conditioning HV AC maintenance systems to provide complete care when it comes to meeting the standards of ultimate air hygiene.

When peak levels of air purity are required, EPA, HEPA and ULPA air filters are the solution. In Europe, these filters are classified as per filtration efficiency and zero leakage norms. We here at Jfilters.com make sure that our complete production goes through all the important processes before being installed. These procedures include classification, performance testing, labeling, particle count statistics, leak tests and the determination of integral efficiency.web design agency dubai

EPA(Efficiency Particulate Air filtration)is specially used in power generation utilities and gas turbines to clean the air entering the turbine in order to maintain top performance. Jasun Envirocare PLC has played a prime role in supplying high efficiency EPA filters to the gas turbine industry for more than 40 years. This specific air filtration medium is now becoming a norm on most new base load systems. It is important to consider the whole system when looking at gas turbine because EPA filtration may also require some pre-filters as well to add to the total efficiency of a system.

(High-efficiency particulate arrestance) HEPA filters have many applications in various industries like medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft, offices and homes. HEPA filters are made of a mat of randomly arranged fibers to deliver optimum levels of filtration. These fibers are normally composed of a fiberglass medium. HEPA filters disallow the particles to penetrate through the system, making the environment safer and hygienic. These particles stick to the fibre through a permutation of three mechanisms namely interception, impaction and diffusion. It is important mention that HEPA filters are solely designed to halt very fine particles commendably, but they do not filter out odor molecules and gasses. Certain conditions where filtration of capricious organic compounds, cigarette odor, chemical vapors and flatulence pongs is required, the use of activated charcoal as a pre-filter or other type of filter is used as a substitute of a HEPA air filter. These filters are important for the prevention of airborne bacterial and viral organisms. Our air filters offer a high efficiency rating and assure an optimum level of defense against airborne disease transmission and potentially harmful substances while at the same time offer minimal pressure drop and maximum airflow when in operation.

Ultra-low Particulate ULPA Air filters are somewhat related to HEPA filters but are more efficient in operation. ULPA filters are quantified to eradicate 99.999% of the contaminants that are 0.12 μm or larger in diameter such as dust, mold, pollen and microbes etc. ULPA filters are used in applications necessitating very competent filtering of aerial pathogens which can cause aggravate asthma, severe allergies and critical diseases. These filters are specially used in industrial environments which require a very hygienic atmosphere. Some of these applications include vacuum cleaner filters, airline cabin air purifiers, biomedical air filtration, electronics production and pharmaceutical manufacturing. web development company in dubai

Online ULPA Air Filters are usually comprised of a coated graduated continuously rolled glass filament in a padded form, confined within either a rigid cardboard frame, or a cardboard casing with pierced cap-punch grids. These highly efficient filters remove very small particles from the air in order to sanitize it. ULPA filters are amongst the highest efficiency rated filters available in the UK and France. The implementation of ULPA filtration serves to stop the spread of airborne contagious disease and toxic agents. Healthcare organizations like hospitals often employ ULPA filters in intensive care, isolation, biological safety cabinets and operation units to make sure that their surrounding is safe from any kind of contagion. Other industries such as military, aerospace, animal handling, heating, biopharmaceutical facilities, refrigerating and air conditioning also make use of these filters as they offer “absolute air filtration” under all circumstances. Pre-filters like the foam filters or electrostatic filters can also be employed to remove larger particulates thereby increasing the adeptness of ULPA filters as they can then focus on the left over impurities.

So to meet your air hygiene needs, browse our online air filters shopping store today to order your required EPA online air filters, HEPA online air filters and ULPA online air filters in all sizes, shapes, specifications and materials for your HVAC systems.

Buying air filters online in the UK and France has never been easier.