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Jasun Envirocare is a certified manufacturer, supplier, and online seller of EcoFlow synthetic bag air filters classified according to their specific filter range: EcoFlow45 (G4); EcoFlow55 (M5); EcoFlow65 (F6), EcoFlow80 (F7); and EcoFlow90 (F8). Each bag filter consists of synthetic media that guarantees ample dust holding capacity &resourceful protection against smoke and pollutants from ventilation & air conditioning applications. A brief overview into each particular EcoFlow synthetic bag air filter is below.

EcoFlow45 Synthetic Bag Air Filters Classified G4

The EcoFlow 45 synthetic bag air filter comprises of filter mediaknown also as G4 has supreme dust containing capability & delivers longer service life. The EcoFlow45 is made of non-woven 100% Polypropylene synthetic media pockets within a rigid structured galvanized steel header frame, which provides a low pressure drop. At Jasun Envirocare the EcoFlow 45 bag filter is low energy filter, thus diminishing energy consumption & requiring minimal maintenance with fewer alterations. The EcoFlow 45 is an environmentally-friendly disposable filter and completely incinerable.

EcoFlow55 Synthetic Bag Air Filters Classified M5 (F5)

Economical and Effective, EcoFlow55 synthetic bag air filter delivers a slight increase in air flow purification & filtration in many AHU applications. Designed with high density, graded filter media, the EcoFlow55’s firm & rigid construction enables it to be moisture resistant & allows for fast easy installation.  The air filter has various dimensions for frame sizes, & pocket configuration and length, but the standard header size is 20mm-25mm. This disposable filter is ideal in HVAC applications where a larger dust holding capacity is necessary. The EcoFlow55 bag filter can also serve as a pre-filter to the EcoFlow65, EcoFlow80, & EcoFlow90.

EcoFlow65 Synthetic Bag Air Filters Classified M6 (F6)

EcoFlow65 synthetic bag air filter and the EcoFlow80 & EcoFlow90 are categorized as high temperature & performance bag filters. The EcoFlow65 is composed of micro fine glass synthetic media fixated into a polypropylene frame that lessens dust permeation. The filter media present in Jasun Envirocare’s air filter is an unstitched polyester fabric that is firmly welded to form a multi pocket design. Due to their reduced proportions this bag filter is perfect for densely compacted applications.

EcoFlow80 Synthetic Bag Air Filters Classified M7 (F7)

As its predecessor, the EcoFlow80 bag air filter is comprised of decay resistant galvanized steel header frame containing the tightly supported filter media that keeps the bag’s pockets firmly in place. The EcoFlow80 can also be used for medium to high efficiency filtration at low resistance in air handling units of any sort present in commercial buildings, electronic, pharmaceutical & mechanical manufacturing plants, telephone & computer centers, hospitals and more. The air filter’s synthetic media resists bacterial growth and removes impurities such as smoke, fumes, & fungi.

EcoFlow90 Synthetic Bag Air Filters Classified M8 (F8)

The EcoFlow90 synthetic bag air filter is constructed from filter media that is moisture resistant & immediately removes microbial presence. It has a blend of synthetic fibers that captures large dust particles in the airflow in one layer, whereas the second layer has micro-fine polypropylene fibers attached to the header which secures the traces of smaller particles. The air filter’s pockets are sealed to ensure maximum strength, & still have proper inflation with no chance of leakage. It is a prime choice for cleansing extreme airflow in commercial and industrial HVAC systems.