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Spanning a service of nearly over 40 years, Jasun Envirocare Plc is a certified manufacturer, supplier, dealer and online seller of duo grease filters. These resourceful air filters can be purchased with either aluminum blades & galvanized steel mesh or at most as stainless steel construction duo grease filters. Baffle mesh combination grease filters are sturdily built with a dual frame construction that enables stronger effectiveness of unwanted grease particles in commercial and domestic kitchen and HVAC systems. The duo grease air filter we have for sale at Jfilter is unlike any other as it combines the qualities of a baffle filter AND mesh filter. Featuring the latest upgrades and installments, customers can purchase their desired grease filter from a wide selection of premium duo grease filters to select the one that best meets their specific purpose. To help decide which suitable frame structure best fits one’s requirement, here’s a brief breakdown related to each existing one.

Purchase Combo Grease Air Filter with Aluminum Blades Plus Galvanized Steel Mesh

Baffle mesh combination grease filters at Jfilters are for sale with aluminum blades and galvanized steel mesh. This is an excellent choice for those who wish to have above par air and grease particle removal present in high air volume applications; in addition, this type of air filter is a cost-effective durable solution for commercial kitchens, combining low pressure drop with high grease resistance. The combo grease filter also generates a successful flame barrier for extraction canopies and guarantees that no excessive grease particles enter an extraction system. Each air filter contains multiple layers of expansive aluminum blades or galvanized steel mesh that ensures maximum filtration and optimal internal loading strength. Additionally, depending on client requirement, optional drain holes and handles are provided, as well.

Jfilters Sells Premium Stainless Steel Construction Duo Grease Filters

Stainless steel construction duo grease filters are commonly used in HVAC systems, plus kitchen range hoods, air intake & cabinet filters, pre-filters & moisture eliminating filters. Totally washable and dishwasher safe, this grease air filter is a favorable choice for its low inexpensive maintenance. Suitable for any type of application, the stainless steel baffle & mesh filter is very durable and heat resistant causing it to have a less likely chance to be damaged by flame heat, which is a very strong point in kitchen usage. Additionally, the baffle mesh combination grease filters that have stainless steel construction allow grease particles to smoothly move through the air duct, which in turn keeps the ductwork a lot cleaner than normal.

Enjoy Online Shopping for Grease Air Filters with Esteemed Jasun Envirocare, Best Range of Filters Provider

Jfilters has the best selection of air filters in all forms for sale in its extensive online collection. Feel free to browse each various category to see which air filter is most suitable for your needs. If you have any further qualms or concerns to decide which air filter to buy, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at sales@jfilters.com where one of our friendly resourceful staff members will get back to you at the earliest convenience. Place your faith in us and satisfaction is guaranteed.