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Jfilters.com Now Offers a Diverse Range of Compact Minipleat Panel Filters In the UK & France

Our mini pleat filters are specially designed to be used in air filtration systems and equipment where medium to high efficiency filtration is needed . We offer a wide variety of standard and custom sizes to deliver optimal performance in variable air volume systems. Our products being highly efficient are also very durable. The media pack incorporated in our compact minipleat panel filters is comprised of non-shedding and gradient density polypropylene fibers which are bonded to the inner boundary of the attachment frame by a moisture resistant bonding agent, providing an uninterrupted and positive seal.

Due to the synthetic composition of the frame, media pack and separators are not harmfully affected by dampness thus it does not encourage the growth of infectious organisms such as mold, bacteria and fungi etc. Its rigid construction, extended surface and low initial pressure drop ensures long service life, and savings in energy costs, making it an ideal solution for medium to high efficiency filtration.

Jasun Envirocare Plc is the Best Online Store to Buy H NeatPleat, H UltimaPleat, RP& RPS Compact Minipleat Panel Filters

The filters manufactured at Jasun Envirocare Plc offer a light weight and stable compact design that ensures high efficiency for pre-filtration and main filtration for all HVAC systems. Our compact minipleat panel filters are easy to assemble and handle therefore they are highly used in industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and other places where superior air cleanliness is required.

The controlled media spacing (CMS) incorporated in our products allow them to deliver a uniform airflow and even loading under all kinds of situations. Our mini-pleat panel filters come in a number of frame materials ranging from halogen-free plastic polystyrene, cardboard, galvanized steel and stainless steel along with numerous medium options like synthetic media, paper, glassfiber and microglass fibre.

Salient features of our minipleat panel filters include a non-shedding gradient density polypropylene media, polypropylene polymer thermally bonded separators, large filter area with less installation depth and polypropylene injection molded frame with media bonded to the frame using a polypropylene bonding agent.

Here on Jfilters online air filters store you will find H-UltimaPleat H6 compact minipleat panel filters, Synthetic compact minipleat panel filters, UltimaPleat RP compact minipleat filters and NeatPleat RP compact minipleat filters of the best quality to fulfill your air hygiene needs. Our products are made on controlled automatic production lines and are tested rigorously to meet any test that might come in real time operations. Apart from standard sizes, we also provide the option for custom orders depending on the requirement of the client.