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Jasun Envirocare Plc. is a certified manufacturer, supplier, dealer and online seller of compact air filters EPA & HEPA Grades with 20mm & 25mm headers. An absolute air filter is commonly used as a means for providing air filtration in air conditioning and air ventilation plants that require extremely high rates of air purity. Jfilters delivers top-rated air filters that are frequently used in industries for clean air hygiene and microscopic particle cleansing. Authentic and tested, each air filter can be used as an EPA filter or a HEPA filter depending on the specific requirement in the necessary area. At Jfilters, our compact filters EPA and HEPA Grades are divided according to their header measurements. A brief description on the applications of the compact air filter is presented below.

Air Filter-RPH20 EPA Compact Filters & RPH20 HEPA Compact Filters

The air filter in this category is classified 20mm header compact filters EPA & HEPA grades. Constituting for tested air filtration range for E10-E13, this particular air filter is most suitable for high filtration efficiency and intake and recirculating air filtration in most indoor areas. RPH20 EPA compact filters play a vital role in the gas turbine industry and are easy enough to install with minimum disposal & maintenance costs, all the while ensuring maximum service life. RPH20 HEPA compact filters act as a prime level of defense against airborne diseases and possible noxious substances; a HEPA air filter delivers maximum airflow with nominal pressure drop during usage. This absolute air filter is used extensively in operating theaters and research facilities, electronic, nuclear & pharmaceutical industries, as it delivers finesse high quality air filtration of harmful fine dust particles such as carcinogenic pores and heavy metals.

RPH25 EPA Compact Filters & RPH25 HEPA Compact Filters-Air Filter w/ 25mm Header

Consisting of moisture-resistant paper, encased in either a plastic or metal case, each individually tested air filter supplies maximum airflow at a minimal resistance. RPH25 EPA compact filters and RPH25 HEPA compact filters are known for their unique pleating technique, composed of microglass fiber media. This ensures that the specific air filter will guarantee high dust holding capacity and reduce energy consumption with low pressure drop. Whether it’s an EPA filter or a HEPA filter, its compact design utilizes space and simplifies handling. Compact Filters EPA & HEPA Grades area popular choice for an air filter in hospitals and industrial environments, such as food-processing, pharmaceuticals, mechanical, optics, microbiology, microelectronics, medicines, etc.