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Buy from Complete Variety of Online Guardian Kitchen Canopy Grease Filters in the UK & France

Jasun Envirocare PLC provides a wide range of stainless steel combination filters and stainless steel baffle mesh canopy grease filters for commercial kitchens. We offer a vast selection of standard size grease filters, and can also provide non-standard made-to-measure filters for extraction systems and kitchen canopies that have a unique size requirement.

Grease filters are mostly installed in commercial kitchen canopies that are found above cooking ranges.  These specialized filters are specifically designed to confiscate grease from the air stream before it enters the kitchen extract ducting system thus helping to minimize the risk of fire and encouraging the cleaning of the extract system. Kitchen canopy grease filters are employed on those kitchen extract systems where economics and functionality are paramount and the management of grease load is important. The grease is collected in the media incorporated in the filter to ensure maximum retention.

We here at Jfilters.com have the expertise to manufacture a wide range of kitchen canopy grease filters in all sizes, shapes and materials to cater the air hygiene needs of all systems. The stainless steel combination filters produced at Jasun Envirocare PLC are suitable for the elimination of grease, fats and oils from industrial or kitchen extract systems. This filter is manufactured by interconnecting two steel tray sheets with rectangular perforated grids to make it durable and strengthened. 

Our 40+ years of industry experience has provided us the ability to make any kind of stainless steel combination filter according to the needs of your system. Jfilters.com manufactures the highest quality stainless steel baffle mesh canopy grease filters to serve the needs of a number of commercial kitchen canopies. These state of the art filters are well suited for the use of new and existing kitchen extract canopies systems. These filters make use of an interlocking blade mechanism which is specifically crafted to remove oil and grease from the air stream by making use of the centrifugal forces caused by two 180 degree turns that the air takes through the filter.  The interlocking blade mechanism of our kitchen canopy grease filters also act as a flame barricade by confining the direct route of blazes to the duct system operating behind the filter.

Our grease filters play a vital role in the overall protection and efficiency of a kitchen ventilation and extraction system. They act as a strong defense against disastrous duct system fires and remove most of the grease from the airstream before it enters into the ductwork.

Find a Wide Range of Online Baffle Style Grease Filters Exclusively at Jfilters.com

Commercial kitchen ventilation is highly important to protect the environment, machinery and as well as the people working in it. The baffle grease filters produced at Jasun Envirocare PLC are guaranteed to reduce fire hazards in commercial kitchens. They come with a unique concept design of non-grease loading and interlocking baffle walls to remove grease from the air stream by restricting the passage of flames into the ductwork. The baffle canopy filter’s even surface allows the deposited grease to run off via the drainage holes to the grease collecting trays in the casing thus lessening build-up and keeping the duct cleaning requirements to the minimum.

These filters are available in stainless steel or aluminum material built with anodic oxidation finish or electrolytic polishing. The construction of this type of filter comprises of two layers of similarly spaced rolls or square formed baffles which promote airflow to collect grease in an efficient manner. Stainless steel baffle grease filters provide pleasant and glossy appearance in commercial applications whereas the Aluminum baffle grease filters are lighter in weight and are much easier to install.

Our baffle style Aluminium grease filters are some of the most durable filters on the market as they meet all international standards. Aluminum baffle filters offer a smooth unified surface that allows grease to run into hood collection racks, allowing innocuous, reliable and positive flame barrier protection. They are a perfectly cost-effective solution for most of the kitchens.

The baffle style stainless steel grease filters offer a significantly higher resistance to airflow and ensure effective grease removal with 90% efficiency. Apart from this they also encourage the reduction of spreading flames, making the environment safer and the operations long lasting. They are the advanced version of canopy grease filters that make use of centrifugal forces to eliminate grease from the air stream. Furthermore, because of the grease getting filtered into the tray, there are no chances of buildups to hinder the airflow. Stainless steel grease filters feature a highly appealing look and are the ideal choice for open kitchens that offer visibility to guests. These filters offer maximum and permanent protection against rust and corrosion, and serve great for use in rugged commercial appliances.

If you can't decide the material for your baffle filter then feel free to contact our highly professional customer service department by calling us at 01278 452277 or by dropping us a mail at sales@jfilters.com, we will be more than happy to assist you. Apart from this we can also help you with any other questions that you may have, such as choosing your filter type and filter size or queries regarding air hygiene solutions and services.

Buy High Quality Kitchen Canopy Mesh Style Grease Filters Online at Jfilters.com

Jfilters.com has built a decent reputation in terms of craftsmanship, revolution and service excellence by catering various industries for the past 40 years. We construct our own brand of equipment and provide a full range of services to the consumers. We are dedicated to provide great customer services, supreme product quality, economical product pricing, and fast delivery times. The kitchen canopy mesh filters are made with either stainless steel or aluminium frames and are crafted for use in commercial kitchens and food preparation ventilation areas where their crucial function is to diminish grease from the cooking zone.

The construction of mesh style grease filters involves a rolling metal frame which grips a succession of extended and corrugated mesh layers. These layers create an impingement barrier which handles grease from the extract air thus maintaining good airflow through the filter. This filter is prepared from two interlocking sheet steel trays with square perforated grids to ensure effective grease removal and long operation life. Kitchen canopy mesh filters lessen the frequency of expensive duct cleaning and offer ultimate defense against grease-fire hazards. They are ideal for use in commercial kitchen ventilation systems which do not deal with enormous amounts of grease.

Our highly qualified team is focused on manufacturing and providing a complete range of both stainless steel & Aluminium frame Kitchen canopy mesh filters in the UK and France to meet the hygiene standards of ventilation systems. Our applied solutions and reliable products ensure that you get the job done in a friendly, convenient, cost effective and flexible way.

Discover a Vast Assortment of Duo Grease Filters at Our Online Air Filters Shopping Store

Baffle & mesh Duo grease filters are designed to be used in commercial kitchens and ventilation areas to guarantee improved grease collection and extreme fire arrestance. The construction of these filters is done by a rolling a metal to create a series of baffle plates which are then welded onto a sub frame which is again wrapped with the outer frame. Baffle & mesh duo grease filters are of a stronger build and come with a dual frame construction along with a scratch free polished outer surface, folded down grips, drain holes, rolled safety ends and a secondary mesh filter.

Jfilters.com has a vast range of high quality duo grease filters at the best prices to serve the needs of your commercial kitchens. A DUO filter is a hybrid of a baffle filter and a mesh grease filter. These grease filters are employed in residential range hoods and HVAC systems. At the front of the DUO filter, each blade of the baffle segment overlays provide a twisting path to encourage contact of the grease particles with the surface of the baffle. At the back of the baffle & mesh Duo grease filters are a number of mesh layers that catch any grease leftover.

Our exclusive duo grease filters bring together the best of both worlds. We present a vast range of standard sizes designed to suit most applications. We also have the capability of providing non-standard dimensions to suit the client’s specific requirements.

For more information on the stated products please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly sales team at sales@jfilters.com and we will be sure to get back to you.