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Jasun Enviroceare Plc is certified manufacturer, supplier, dealer and online seller Adcell plastic units and cansorb filter cells. We sell heavy duty C-Refillable carbon cells that are simple to install in refillable modules, which also contain all forms of activated carbon & alumina pellet media. This form of air filter is used in a wide variety of air purification and vapor phase applications; in addition, this activated carbon filter is favorable in commercial food preparation & catering establishments for their convenient odor reduction. Our extensive air filter catalog contains only the very best air filter, adcell plastic units and cansorb filter cells constructed with the latest technology and optimized for any shape or size. Order online these highly stable C-refillable carbon cells at our shopping website, Jfilters.com now and experience first-hand quality air ventilation and eco-friendly environments.

For Sale: Adcell Plastic Units in Varying Sizes, Unique Media and Different Pressure Drops

Adcell plastic units are a type of carbon filter that can contain either activated carbon or activated alumina as its filter media. The Adcell plastic unit is constructed into a case that consists of two concentric cylinders attached to a closed end cap to one end and one open face cap; the face cap has three bayonet fittings which secure themselves into the holding plates. Available in various grades pertaining to specific temperatures and locations, the C-Refillable carbon cells are an optimum choice for enhanced performance in the absorption of dangerous toxins in the air system. Enriching the effectiveness of a common filter, Adcell plastic units have proven to show quick successful removal of harmful contaminants from the air supply.

Purchase High Graded Cansorb Filter Cells- Pelletized Carbon Units Available in Steel or Plastic

Cansorb filter cells absorb hydrocarbons, such as oils, fuels and other toxins prevalent in the air supply. They are highly non-toxic & non-abrasive and easily repel water.  Jfilters’ cansorb filters cells are able to operate in applications where absolute activated carbon backwashing is necessary. The water filtration units and activated carbon absorbers are made out of carbon steel, fully equipped with high solids epoxy lining, which allows steady flow distribution plus competent absorbent utilization. The galvanized steel Cansorb filter cell may also be uniquely designed with additional organic filter media that helps it remove contaminants in environmental applications through liquid phase absorption. Versatile & durable, these are favorable for longer term applications or where backwashing may not be necessary. This activated carbon air filter works well under high pressure operation and has successfully proven to be quite useful for collecting and removing hazardous radioactive and organic wastes.

View our entire shopping catalog of specific air filter and C-Refillable carbon cells to order online which air filter is the right choice to buy. Or if you need any assistance, feel free to contact us via e-mail at sales@jfilters.com. Our staff will be more than happy to facilitate you in any way.