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Order Best Range of Various C-Media Applicable for Various Air Filter Purposes

Jasun Envirocare Plc is a certified manufacturer, supplier, dealer and online seller of activated carbon granules, activated carbon pellets and alumina pellets, which are also referred to as C-Media. At Jfilters, we sell the most premium quality and quantity of C-Media that is best for any means of filtration.  Activated carbon granules play a vital role in cleansing indoor and outdoor air quality; it not only protects the environment, but also shields the human body against harmful noxious odors prevalent in the atmosphere. Using the latest and foremost activated carbon, Jasun Envirocare ensures that each variety of activated carbon air filter products we sell will provide promising results. Order online now from our extensive catalog for proven and affordable carbon air filters available at the lowest price for online shopping.

Purchase Activated Carbon Granules: Best Choice for Optimal Carbon Air Filter Service

Available for multiple grades that can be used in different applications, activated carbon granules are very resourceful in absorbing natural organic compounds, odor and taste compounds, plus synthetic organic chemicals typically found in drinking water treatment. The activated carbon granules or commonly known as GAC is popularly utilized in an air filter, as it is an effective absorbent mainly due to its highly porous filter media and its substantially large surface area that allows great amounts of contaminants to be absorbed. An activated carbon air filter contains a vast system of molecular pores that form a strong chemical attraction to gaseous, odorous, and liquid contaminates, plus other chemicals, cigarette smoke and other odors.

For Sale: Successfully Resistant Against Impurities Activated Carbon Pellets

Activated Carbon pellets are composed of non-toxic, bituminous coal substrate that removes toxics and impure contaminants from the atmosphere by absorption; they also resist an expansive range of impure gasses, which gather onto the pellet’s surface. With a low pressure drop and high absorptive capacity, activated carbon pellets can typically be used in air filter applications found in commercial buildings, food and beverage, health care, education centers, hospitals, refineries and more. However, the carbon filter size will vary according to each specific product type, due to differing impurities and process conditions. Activated carbon pellets are an environmentally friendly product and can easily be used multiple times in the same application by being reactivated through thermal oxidation; this also makes them a favorable choice over granules for filter media in air filtration.

Avail Advantageous Quality Alumina Pellets for Chemisorptions

Alumina pellets is a refillable C-Media that is manufactured from aluminum hydroxide in a way that produces a highly porous material, which can serve as a filter of fluoride, arsenic and selenium found in drinking water. This chemisorbing media demonstrates a high working capacity for broad contaminant control prevalent in outdoor air filtration, general odor control, and off-gassing byproducts from surrounding applications. Alumina pellets for chemisorptions greatly reduce energy consumption, initial operating costs; this desiccant also minimizes pressure drop & ensures optimum utilization.