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Jasun Envirocare is the best source of online shopping for air filter in multitude forms, including light duty carbon filters. A light duty carbon filter is an air filter that is best used for applications where light to medium odor reduction is required. Light duty carbon filters are divided into many different categories, which customers can purchase online from Jfilters.com. We are a certified manufacturer, supplier and online seller of acticarb bag filters, enviropleat panel filters, carboflow combination filters and carbon compact filters. To help facilitate consumers to select which carbon filter is applicable for them to buy, here’s a brief explanation for each specific carbon air filter and its functions.

Order Top-Graded Anticarb Bag Filters With Polyster Nonwoven Fibers & Enviropleat Panel Filters

Anticarb bag filters are synthetic disposable bag filters that are composed of polyester nonwoven fibers formed into pockets which are coated in highly activated powdered carbon. This in turn is sealed into a rust resistant galvanized steel header frame. This air filter can also serve in existing bag filter applications where fume absorption and odor removal is needed. Such applications would normally be found in busy road areas, under flight paths and car parking areas in towns and cities where air supply input is excessive. Odor removal, however, in anticarb bag filters is directly proportional to the activated carbon weigh on the product, so this is important to keep in mind when one decides which size carbon air filter to buy. Enviropleat panel filters are an ideal choice for eco-friendly odor removal. This carbon filter is a perfect solution for an environmental-safe and hygienic air purification at its highest caliber. Available in many sizes, this air filter is cost effective and requires low maintenance. It’s also water resistant, light weight, economical to transport and easily installed into pre-existing carbon bag filter applications.

Best Buy for Carbonflow Range of Combination Filters Exclusively at Jfilters

Carbonflow range of combination filters are essentially two filters combined in one. The activated carbon air filter is composed of micro fine glass fiber media that is typically used in modern city locations and can comfortable be added into an existing bag filter. This form of air filter is popular for extensive odor removal from air supply and maximum immediate effectiveness.

Enjoy Online Shopping for Carbon and Combination Compact Filters

Jasun Envirocare is a worldwide reputable name for providing quality air filter in its entire means. Our selection of carbon and combination compact filters have met with customer satisfaction globally and we continue to strive to stay up to date with the latest technological innovations and aiming to give ample air filtration and ventilation purification for all necessary applications. Visit our online web catalog to view our entire carboflow range of combination filters and light duty carbon filters complete with details and images to facilitate your filter purchase decision. Fur any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at sales@jfilters.com. Our sales team will assist you in any given way possible.