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A disposable activated carbon filter also classified as a C-Disposable is an air filter composed of loosely fitted small multipanel carbon cells. With this formation, this carbon filter prevents any granule or powder leakage, which ensures that panels remain rigidly stiff even if affected by moisture. Jasun Envirocare’s unique method of designing C-Disposable air filters has gained worldwide recognition for its effectiveness and longevity. We are certified manufacturer, supplier and online seller of activated carbon panel filters, SITESAFE multipanel carbon cells, and DISCARB activated carbon cells. Each different C-Disposable categorized air filter normally functions well in healthcare, commercial buildings, data centers, kitchens, and educational facilities, particularly if situated near car parks or sewage systems. Designed to remove odious lingering stenches and purify air ventilation, C-Disposable panel filters are an approved choice for quality air supply.

Order Loose Fill Activated Carbon Panels AND Bonded Activated Carbon Panels

Activated carbon panel filters are an effective mean of removing odious fumes in re-circulated air. Its filter media is composed of non-woven polyester and finely crushed activated carbon coatings, which absorbs organic based odors. When it’s saturated, the panel filter is replaced with a new panel and the cycle continues. At Jfilters, our C-disposable filters can either be loose fill activated carbon panels or bonded activated carbon panels. Loose fill panels, available in a wide range of activated carbon panel filters, provide an improved rate of absorbance and minimize the chance of harmful air supply from entering. C-Disposable panel filter is normally fitted with an aluminum frame and can easily be made to match existing panel sizes. Manufactured with a bonding process that creates a rigid, dust-resistant panel, this carbon filter can even act as an after air filter in air cleaners. Bonded activated carbon panels are unique and often used for enhanced performance. Its filter media comprises of activated carbon materials that have deodorizing and dust collecting capabilities, which make them super effective when improving indoor air quality.

Wide Selection of SITESAFE Multipanel Carbon Cells for Sale

These premium carbon filters are catered to specific environments, graded individually. Easily installed with a single person, our collection of SITESAFE multipanel carbon cells is divided into five different sections, each designed for a certain area. Ranging from commercial food preparation areas, cafés, sewage systems, and healthcare, Jfilters’ air filter is enhanced with the latest filter media and is highly resourceful in removing contaminants and noxious fumes and vapors from the surrounding air supply. Each carbon filter is composed of certain chemicals that pertain to specific locations, so it’ll be convenient for customers to decide which panel filter to buy for optimal air purification.

Purchase Highly Enhanced DISCARB Activated Carbon Cells For Specific Locations

Available in various grades suited for different applications, DISCARB activated carbon cells are multipanel self-contained units composed of fully disposable cells, i.e. fully disposable. This certain air filter removes hazardous smells and gaseous pollutants from the air plus with its absorption capacity, it reduces odious cooking smells. Discarb filters have gained popularity with their impressive improvements to indoor air quality in airports, sewerage works, food facilities, factories, car parks and waste disposal sites.