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Jasun Envirocare Plc is a Trustworthy Online Shop to Buy Bag Air Filters in the UK & France

The bag filters manufactured at Jfilters.com are of high quality and premium built. These air filters are constructed with deep pockets and lofted filtration media that is fixed to a metallic or plastic frame to perform even under extreme situations. The deep pockets utilized by our bag filters offer optimum dust holding capacities and also allow higher face velocities.

A typical bag filter consists of 4 to 12 parallel bags while its  length and depth may vary from 300 mm up to 900 mm. The efficiency of a bag filter’s media varies from very high (fine filers) to very low (coarse filters). The media incorporated in the filter is usually made from glass or polymer fibers of different number of layers and thickness, depending on the performance requirement of a system.

Our highly efficient bag filters are specifically designed to effectively remove very fine dust particles along with soot, bacteria, carbon blacks, mould spores and pollens etc.

Buy From a Vast Assortment of Online Synthetic & Glass Fibre Bag Filters Exclusively at Jfilters.com

Jasun Envirocare’s range of bag air filters offers the ideal solution for a number of air conditioning and ventilation applications where huge volumes of air are to be managed. Bag air filters are mostly used in HVAC systems where long service life, high protection, superior dust holding capacity and low pressure drop is required.

Our synthetic media and glass fibre bag filters are specially developed to ensure the lowest possible energy consumption along with durability and performance to meet the filtration needs of the consumer. The bag filters that we offer here come with innovative frames and pocket designs to deliver industry-leading performance and quality assurance.

Our range meets all international standards and are tested and approved by all authoritative bodies. At Jfilters online air filters shopping store you are sure to get filtration products that offer a high standard of cleanliness, performance and protection at an economic price. We offer a diverse range where you can order online synthetic bag air filters, Jenergie synthetic bag filters, Cleanpack synthetic high loft bag filters, Jayflow glass bag filters and Ecoflow synthetic bag filters at highly competitive prices. Apart from our current range, we can also manufacture both standard and non-standard bag filters in all sizes, shapes and materials upon request. Our custom-made products also ensure a long service life and great performance.

We being a trusted air filter manufacturer & online seller aim to have your bag filters delivered within a maximum of 7 working days, although lead times may vary depending upon the nature of the product.