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Jasun Envirocare is a reputable and recognizable name in the market of online shopping for filters. Providing quality filters for any given situation is our goal and we aim to give the best of the best. Jasun Envirocare is a certified manufacturer, supplier and online seller of baffle style grease filters with stainless steel or aluminum frame. These filters are used in commercial kitchens for ventilation. Buy online baffle style grease filters that come in different forms which can be utilized for optimum air filtration with minimal cost and maintenance. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology, each baffle filter is crafted to sustain harsh conditions for removing excessive grease particles from exhaust air streams. Based on our filters which are categorized according to shape and frame, customers can decide which baffle filter is the appropriate one for them to purchase.

Economy Construction Baffle Style Grease filters with Stainless Steel Frame

Jfilters’ economy construction baffle style grease filters are equipped with stainless steel frame, which is the most preferable and popular choice of frame design, due to its effective capability of being cleansed easily after usage. A baffle filter operates by compelling grease-saturated air to quickly and repeatedly change its route as it travels higher through the filter. In this sense, a baffle filter can be considered an air filter, as well.  Consistent with the latest standardizations, baffle style grease filters with stainless steel frame differ from an aluminum frame, as it appears pleasantly clean and glossy when viewed. This low energy filter is the best option for those who wish to find maximum grease removal & air ventilation for the least expensive cost. Jfilters’ economy construction baffle style grease filters are generally larger than a standard size and are either with bright of brushed stainless steel frame. Whereas, customers can purchase standard construction baffle style grease filters in both aluminum and variants of stainless steel frames.

Standard Construction Baffle Style Grease Filters with Aluminum Frame & Stainless Steel

Baffle style grease filters with aluminum frame are popular due to their light weight plus installation ease. The aluminum-style grease filter is designed to prevent flames from entering through the filter into the duct work and generate an air flow which generates optimum grease removal. Since grease particles can’t move as quickly as the air is carrying them, they condense into the metal blades before finally draining into the empty tray; this last part is especially important, since there is than no possibility of buildup which could hinder airflow plus function over time. This canopy filter is considered superior to a mesh filter due to its high levels of efficiency, less noise output, durability, convenient cleansing & low maintenance. Jfilters gives customers a chance to buy online baffle style grease filters that best meet their specific needs. Start shopping now; order today from our extensive range of baffle filters to greatly improve air inflow in your kitchen from that day onward.