Laminar Flow Filter 110mm Deep
Filter Class ISO29463-4 ISO 45H
Filter Grade EN1822-4 H14
Global Efficiency ≥ 99.995%
Rated Airflow 0.45m/s
Initial PD 60Pa

This Laminar Flow HEPA filter is a fully disposable single piece terminal filter to be used for absolute air filtration in controlled contamination environments. Features
  • Runs at faster velocity than regular Laminar Flow Panels
  • MEDIA Glass Fibre paper minipleat
  • SEPARATORS Hotmelt
  • SEALANT Polyurethane
  • CASE Aluminium Extrusion
  • SEALS Polyurethane single piece D Gasket
  • FACE GRILLS - painted white
Operating Temperature Continuous 80 °Centigrade, 120 °Centigrade MAX
EN1822:H14 / ISO 45H
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