Ultima AG7 filter
Class ISO 16890 ePM1>55%
EN779 F7

The Ultima AG range of compact filters are designed for use in high temperature applications.

Typically we see them used in kitchen extract, process, and paint spray, however it is a versatile and robust filter which can be used in all situations.

Operating Temperature  Continuous 250°Centigrade - Maximum 350°Centigrade
BS EN ISO 11925-2:2010 Ignitiability of Building Products COMPLIANT
EN45545-2:2013 + A+1:2015 R5 Smoke and Toxocoty Assesment COMPLIANT
ISO 5660-1:2015 Smoke Production Rate, Heat Release Rate. COMPLIANT
DIN53 438 K1/F1
NF P92-507 M1
NF F16-101 F1

MEDIA = Glass fibre paper 
SEPARATORS =  Aluminium Corrugation with Safety edge
FRAME = Galvanised Steel with Header 292mm Deep
HEADER = Single header as standard, double header as an option
GASKET = As Requested
GRIDS = On request
EN16890 ePM1 >55%
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