Silicon GEL Kits for own use.

EGel3000 is one of a family of soft, adherent, clear silicone elastomeric gels designed for the
encapsulation and protection of electronics components, and to give a permanent seal for HEPA
filter knife edge assemblies and housings . It is a low viscosity, 2-component system that is readily
mixed in a 1:1 ratio.
It is used to provide protection from vibration, thermal or mechanical shock. It has excellent
dielectric properties and also gives excellent protection from water and many environmental

• Key Features
• Simple 1 to 1 mix ratio
• Very low viscosity
• Soft but resiliant gel
• Flexible down to -55°C
• Surface tension of 21.1 dynes/cm
• 0.35 water absorption at 23°C over 30 days
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